Supporting orphans and vulnerable children to access affordable quality education, and make an impact in society.


We support families to access free medical care which is key in the healthy upbringing of children and orphans.


We aim to build a home that will be a drop-in centre for children, where meals and social support will be provided.


Health And Compassionate World.


To work for the improvement of the plight of children and grannies through sharing, training, research, education and early interventions by bridging the gap between theory, policy and practice, and make our world an amazing place.


We are a community based charity organization found in Kamuli district in Uganda which aims to assist and support orphans and vulnerable children with education and healthcare and at the same time, it aims to build a home. Mostly, we create help and empower children in kamuli. LCEF started because children were getting one meal per day and if they were so lucky to get one so we find families for the abandoned children so we of place them into- long term care because not all babies were born so lucky. Many children experience abuses from people they know and from people they don’t know. This threatens their survival, development and participation in society, so we support orphans and vulnerable children go back to school to learn skills through sharing, training, research, education and early interventions. We bridge the gap between theory, policy and practice and make our world an amazing place.


Community participation
LCEF is committed to having the community fully involved in all program activities such as decision making by taking community views on program activities seriously and involving them in participatory monitoring and evaluation processes. This is aimed at promoting community activism and a sense of ownership of projects.

LCEF is committed to seeing the world from the OVC’s perspective. This gives a better understanding of the OVCs by being warm, open, caring and friendly to them through service delivery. Promoting empathy among staff to express it to OVCs.

This involves fairness in terms of actions, treatment of others, or a general condition characterized by justice and impartiality. All the beneficiaries/communities in our areas of operation will be treated equally by LCEF staff through service delivery. This will enable both the community/beneficiaries and LCEF staff to eliminate discrimination as regards religion, sex, age and economic status.

Team work
LCEF shall work hand in hand as a team to achieve the set objectives through consultations and sharing responsibilities.


The following principles will guide LCEF’s interventions.
This entails valuing the education of orphans and vulnerable children and household’s active involvement in the project activities at all levels.

This will involve balancing the relationship between men and women, boys and girls at all levels in the organization and among beneficiaries.

Through strengthening relationships between households and communities with government, private sector, development partners and civil society organizations (CSO) for sustainable service delivery at all levels.


On behalf of LCEF ‘GIFT A FUTURE’ we have come up with a sponsorship program which will be unique opportunity to form an inspiriting and strong bond with the children when you sponsor, you are helping to break the cycle of poverty for a child, their families and community. You will be creating a lasting and positive impact in their lives. This is your chance to change the life of children to learn, lead, decide and thrive.

The children of Uganda have been deprived for so long LCF is very strong and we have no doubt that we shall have a bright future.


We accept donations in cash and in kind. We also welcome volunteers to take part in our daily work.